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The world’s largest network of 3D printing services. Radically changing how we make and distribute things

Digital manufacturing machines such as 3D printers are becoming the factories of the future. They enable consumer products to be made on­-demand and close to their point of purchase, eliminating waste from overproduction and transport. 3D Hubs is accelerating a future in which goods aren’t made in large factories overseas but 3D printed by local service bureaus and makers.

It’s time to disrupt manufacturing as we know it and open up the promise of 3D printing to the world. Read our manifesto.

Connecting our global production network
The 3D Hubs platform provides the easiest way to bring designs to life by offering local 3D printing in under two days. We check the user’s digital design and our matchmaking algorithms present the best 3D print options for them.

Some of the world’s leading consumer brands are offering local 3D printing to their users by integrating Teleport, our 3D Printing API, in their apps. Allowing them to send digital designs to nearby 3D printing services with the click of a button.

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