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Creating the future of Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service In real time, Aigent listens to and understands live calls between customers and call center agents, and intervenes, as needed, to make the agents better, faster, and smarter. It’s like having a highly trained second human agent listen to every call, ready to assist the primary agent. This helps the caller get what they need more quickly and effectively, and saves the call center owner time and money, while increasing customer satisfaction and compliance.

Aigent is a startup focused on bringing advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to customer service. Our goal is to help customer service departments interact more efficiently and effectively with their customers while handling voice calls. The ambitious and exciting software developed with natural language processing, content- and sentiment analysis ensures that the contact centre agents and their managers receive real-time advice while they are speaking on the phone with the customer. The advantages are:
* It shortens the call; the call center agent always answers correctly and consistent within compliance rules.
* It improves the quality of the call and leads to faster and better responses and decreases servicing costs.
* It improves customer satisfaction.

We predict customer satisfaction and show the call center agent how the customer feels about the call, helping the agent to avoid escalations. We ensure that customers and agents achieve their goals better and faster than ever before. We are very result-driven, transparent and fast-moving. Our founding team has a strong background in the call center environment, providing access to data, call recordings and real-world users.

We're working with exciting technologies, including Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Speech Recognition (ASR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our mission is to understand a service conversation and build an elegant and effective user interface to leverage that understanding to make communication better.
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