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Data science at a high growth startup

Aithena is a fast growing start-up in Amsterdam that is using state-of-the-art scraping techniques and machine learning models to create a B2B company Search Engine focused on prospecting.


We are on a wonderful journey. We want to make our company a rocket. This is also the motivation that prevails in the office. No finger pointing and no dickheads allowed. Build together and party together. 🤙

The thesis project focuses on developing and implementing machine learning models to find the most relevant companies, the most similar companies and extracting certain information from company websites. You will be fully involved in our team to create the experience being at the forefront of the world's first prospecting search engine.

You are expected to discuss a thesis project together with your supervisor at Aithena at the end of February. You can start working immediately after that, and expect to develop your thesis work until mid-July.

Aithena has three open project for master students to develop their skills in Data Science, (Dev-ops or back-end). The positions are unpaid, but you will receive a gift at the end of your project. Most importantly, you will gain the opportunity to work on a real problem, with real data, delivering data solutions to our users. In addition, we would like to take you on this adventure. It is a roller coaster, but you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot from it. If both parties are satisfied, we will talk about a possible permanent position. 🚀


You should have good knowledge of Data Science (or Devops) and be a good programmer. You should be self-motivated and capably of working individually or in small groups. Knowledge of Python is highly recommended and willingness to learn is important. (bonuses are: experience with DevOps, NLP, Scraping, Elastic Search, Solr or any other ‘larger scale search system’, experience with indexing (pipelines))(if this appeals to you and want to rock with us in the near future 🤘. We are always open to enthusiastic open applications.)

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We are building a b2b search engine. Current tools for finding customers are poorly searchable databases. By using cutting edge technology, such as mass scraping and NLP, we are able to find the right prospect for our users 100x faster. We are redefining the way prospection is done.

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