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Python Developer [standing vacancy]

Python Developer at a startup in the city center of Amsterdam with 24/7 access. (and free coffee 🤟 )


Hi, My name is Julien and I wrote this internship page. VU-Alumni, started with a clothing brand (Veryus), now InForIntelligence, Formula 1, craft beer, and more! You are always free to ask me anything

At the end of 2018, we were selected for an acceleration in Tokyo to help innovate Tokyo Municipality with our Tech.

There we met Bruno Abrioux, French Expat living in Japan and ‘Guru’ in the field of Regtech. 
Regulatory Technology is a niche in the startup industry for companies which use cloud computing and SaaS to help businesses comply with regulations efficiently and less expensively.

We are creating a platform where all RegTech companies are present. This platform is a community platform where consultancy companies gather insights, where RegTech companies itself can analyze their competitors and where corporate find partnership-opportunities

Besides InForIntelligence and Abrioux a Senior Developer (Tom) from bol(dot)com joined this project.

We deliver the data, Bruno does the Marketing & Sales, and Tom creates the platform.

 We are now looking for an intern who could help us to retrieve data from company webpages. Think of Team, Clients, Description, and more.What do we need?
Basic Python ExperienceEnglish BasicBonus: experience with API’sBonus: experience with scraping
A person who is interested to know more about running and starting a business

There are of course future perspectives.Julien WinkelCo-Founder InForIntelligence

    Hoe jouw week er bij ons gaat uitzien:
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    Start of the week, talk about our weekends and plan the week. Talk with you regarding the needs and changes from last week on the platform and listening to your opinion.

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    Developing for RegTech platform and work closely with Niek and Me (maybe also on other projects, which you like)

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    Developing for RegTech platform and work closely with Niek and Me (maybe also on other projects, which you like)

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    Developing for RegTech platform and work closely with Niek and Me (maybe also on other projects, which you like)

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    Developing for RegTech platform and work close.. with Niek.. and ... time to finalize the week with a beer/wine. Free drinks at WeWork every Friday 🍾

You will be very close to us, the two founders and we will involve you in our company. Moreover, you can have chats with the Senior Developer of Bol(dot)com. You gain a lot of experience on how to start and run a company. We play table-football and enjoy the freedom of being a startup company. There are future perspectives for you as well. If we are satisfied and you too we can think of a longer-term collaboration.

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We are building a b2b search engine. Current tools for finding customers are poorly searchable databases. By using cutting edge technology, such as mass scraping and NLP, we are able to find the right prospect for our users 100x faster. We are redefining the way prospection is done.

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