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Emotion Detection Algorithm Development

If data, AI, and emotions get you excited, and you are looking for a real challenge in developing emotion detection algorithms based on EEG data, this is the project for you!

We currently use the Emotiv Epoc EEG headset in combination with our own emotion detection ML algorithms, to measure the emotions of participants while they navigate through a website of our client or watch a TV-commercial/video.

You will be part of an enthusiastic project team that will investigate the applicability of new high quality EEG headsets. These headsets are much more accurate and have more sensors than the headset we currently have. To be able to use these headsets, we will rebuild our emotion detection algorithms to cope with the more extensive data stream coming from these new headsets. The project consists of:

  • Develop software to retrieve raw EEG data from the headset

  • Build noise filters for raw EEG data

  • Gather experimental data

  • Rebuild data processing models based on data from new headset and develop new algorithms following the processes of our current model

  • Integrate new algorithms in our platform

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    september 2020

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    € 800 p/m

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Braingineers provides technology and services in emotion analytics. With our own software and ML algorithms we can translate EEG data into emotions so companies can see exactly when participants get frustrated on their website or while watching their video.

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