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    17 werknemer(s)

Chunk is a creative agency specialised in effective advertising for the modern age. We combine talent, creativity and digital technology to create meaningful brand interaction.

We sparkle campaigns to life by creating a powerful creative idea based on insights and fresh thinking. And a bit of chemistry of course. We make campaigns effective by using McKinsey’s highly acclaimed Consumer Decision Journey Model.

Chunk is a Dutch agency founded in 2004. We’ve grown from a web design agency into a talent-filled creative agency working for companies like Vodafone, Randstad, hollandsnieuwe, Philips and Google. We set up small teams that work closely together with our clients.

Chunk delivers creative concepts, art work, copy, online videos, pre-rolls, display ads, landing pages, online tools and graphic content. Chunk has been internationally awarded for it’s work over the years.

We take creativity very personal.
  • Amsterdam

    Oostelijke Handelskade 527

    1019 BW Amsterdam

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