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Prototyping powered by A.I. The journey from concept to market is typically a long road riddled with hidden obstacles and unforeseen turns. Building a prototype can help smooth that path as well as present some other benefits, like early user testing and fast bottleneck detection. By spraying some "Artificial Intelligence"-magic over your prototypes, the sky is the limit.

Craftworkz is a software company, part of The Cronos Group, which focuses on innovative technologies in the form of prototyping. We see many great ideas in small startups and big enterprises, but we notice that a lot of those new concepts don't get realised. This realisation of the first prototype, or MVP, is what we do best. We have a strong focus on artificial intelligence, but we also integrate these algorithms into mobile apps, websites and cloud architectures. From chatbots to augmented reality, Craftworkz is the one-stop-shop for innovative prototypes.


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    Pedro de Medinalaan 73

    1086XP Amsterdam

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