Afstudeeropdracht TODO: at Craftworkz 1 February 2018

Competitive Health Trackers

Building a platform to stimulate movement within a company. By use of gamification, the employees should be stimulated to take more steps, start a competition or join group activities.

Each employee has a preference for a particular wearable, such as an Apple Watch, Android Wear, Fitbit, Garmin, etc. The platform would need to integrate with a range of API’s, for a population of the wearables to be supported. Users will register their wearable using the Health Trackers platform. On this platform, they can also create goals, challenge colleagues or organize group activities.

For this project, experience with one of the following is recommended:

  • Good understanding of API’s

  • Familiarity with web languages Javascript / HTML / CSS

  • Front-end development (AngularJS, React, Meteor, etc.)

  • NodeJS back-end development

  • € ??? p/m

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