Afstudeeropdracht TODO: at Craftworkz 1 February 2018

CraftPoints - Company rewards system

Within Craftworkz there is a running gag of earning and losing CraftPoints, a playful point system. At the moment the points are not really tracked. There should be a possibility to both distribute and withdraw points, and trade among each other.

 A voting system should be used to democratically decide if points should be distributed or withdrawn. In the end, the main goal is to create a CraftStore, where points can be spent for nice goodies. This project can consist of different parts, the point system (back-end cloud solution) and a nice interface (front-end) which we would like to apply on Android an iOS by using a Hybrid framework. Some extensions could also be an integration with smart-home speakers or a blockchain implementation of the point system.

For this project, experience with one of the following is recommended:

Familiarity with Cognitive Services (Microsoft, IBM)

Mobile development (Ionic, ReactNative, NativeScript)

Back-end development (NodeJS, Python, Java)

Familiarity with blockchain technology (Ethereum, BigchainDB, Hyperledger)

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