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AI meets VR

The first time you step into a new VR world, it is often a bit confusing. You don’t know how the interaction works, and you might be looking in the wrong direction. To solve these problems, we would like to introduce the voice assistant to the VR world.

Simply said, we would like to add chatbot/virtual assistant technology to VR. You can ask the assistant questions, about the environment, navigation, tasks to perform, and so forth. The voice interaction could also be used as a complete alternative to regular controls. For this project you can use our a brand new VR computer with a HTC Vive. You can directly start building in a nice VR experience (Unity project) that we can provide, and our in-house chatbot framework Oswald.="ltr">

For this project, experience with one of the following is recommended:

  • 3D graphics / programming / Unity

  • Back-end development (Node.js, Python, Java, etc.)


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