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AI related projects

At Craftworkz we continuously house a group of students, working on diverse experiments, research projects, and prototypes. If you are interested in doing an AI related project in a dynamic environment, feel free to contact us.


Craftworkz assists companies with innovation, we do this by turning ideas into working prototypes. A prototype helps to immediately validate if an idea is worth while. Our goal is to get a prototype in to the hands of users as soon as possible.

We specialise in Artificial Intelligence, and apply this to mobile/web, IoT, cloud and AR/VR. Our diverse team, and family of companies ensure that any idea can be realised. Our projects range from deep learning and machine learning, to chatbots and voice-assistants. We are always looking for a diverse group of students. If you are interested in working with the latest innovations, feel free to contact us and see if we can find a suiting project. You can see an overview of projects you can work on, on our website under: internships.

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New ideas are exciting! We bring ideas to life by building working prototypes. By infusing some Artificial Intelligence magic, the sky is the limit.

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