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Virtual Marking Quest

We built an application to mark physical points in someone's AR experience (mobile). To mark points a combination of GPS and Computer Vision is used. Can you think of a nice application for this technique, or are you the one who improves it?

2017 was the breakthrough year of Augmented Reality. Among other, Google and Apple launched their Augmented Reality frameworks, respectively ARCore and ARKit. Using these new technologies we want to create a multiplayer experience, where virtual marks and objects can be placed and moved, within the real world. There marks and objects can then be explored and changed by other players. The technology that is described is already built by other students. This project would be to implement this technology into a usable product/ use case or game.

For this project, experience with at least one of the following is recommended:

  • Front-end development (AngularJS, React, Meteor, etc.)

  • 3D graphics

  • Objective-C / Swift / Java

  • Back-end development (Node.js, Python, Java, etc.)

Are you curious about this assignment, or one of our other assignments? Do you have ideas for your own project related to AI, IoT, VR/AR, Block-chain, Mobile, Web, or some other new technology, just send us a mail, or stop by at our office. We will try to help you realize your ideas!

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