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Are you interested in working on topics like climate change, health and well-being, or responsible consumption and production? Join our 20-week programme, created for people who are passionate to address social challenges with digital technology.


You are a curious go getter with strong social antennae, interested in all technological innovations that are happening tomorrow and aware that this progress has an impact on society. You want to shape this impact with meaningful integrations or tech in society. You have an open and inclusive mindset and you never run out of creativity.

Developer (3rd year student or graduate)

How can we create meaningful insights from data? What will bring us from data to insights? We're looking for programmers who are familiar with data, and are willing to use state-of-the-art data analytics methods to provide meaning and insights. You will use powerful techniques such as deep-learning algorithms and you will work on visualizations or these datasets. You will use techniques such as R and D3 to create dashboards.

Keywords: Data Science, Data Analytics, Urban Analytics, Data visualization, R, D3, JS (JavaScript), Coding, Creating

In twenty weeks your team will develop a working prototype in collaboration with your partner company.

    Hoe jouw week er bij ons gaat uitzien:
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    Have a Stand Up meeting with your team where you decide what needs to be done this Sprint. Start programming your prototype.

  2. 2


    Have a Sprint Review meeting with your client. Work with the 3d printer. Go to a Mic Drop event with your coworkers.

  3. 3


    Attend a workshop on Deep Learning. Program more of your prototype. Meet with an expert in rapid prototyping, get his advice on how to develop your concept.

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    Present your progress to your group, ask for feedback and input. Work to implement the feedback your group gave you. Work with the 3d Printer. Develop your prototype further.

  5. 5


    Work towards your learning goals, work on your own Internship Portfolio.

What do the 20 weeks look like?

  • We start with two weeks intensive training on Design Thinking, Sustainability and Teamwork

  • In sprints of three weeks you work on a project within a team. There will also be workshops, meetings with project partners, with a project coach and a lot of other community events. In every sprint you will be developing prototypes of your project solutions.

  • After 20 weeks we close the program with a showcase with the project partners and the Digital Society School community.

  • Your team will deliver prototype(s), research report with insights and methodology, blog posts and presentation like powerpoint and a video.

  • You will take home a professional portfolio, based on your experience, to use in your further career.

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We are a diverse group of experts,learners, thinkers and doers that shape tomorrow’s society through digital technology, using human-centered design approaches. We think big, start small and are explicitly open, placing our findings at the world’s disposal.

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