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Endouble specialises in the creation and optimisation of career platforms, or ‘Talent Acquisition Platforms’ as we call them. We believe that the organisation of work must be based on data, not on a feeling. And so we help the customer identify the ‘why behind the hire’: what path did a candidate take before final recruitment?

Fully measurable
Our bespoke Talent Acquisition Platforms stand out in terms of their effective ability to find, be found and measure. We use this to help customers better understand online recruitment and the organisation of work. The recruiter is able to work more efficiently and focus on the most important thing, recruiting the best people. The end result is an increase in candidate quality and a reduction in the number of costly rejections, and associated harm to the employer’s brand reputation.

Global footprint
Since its foundation in 2006, Endouble has developed a recruitment process for more than 90 national and international organisations, including Booking.com, Albert Heijn (Ahold) and Bol.com. In 2014, USG People acquired an interest in Endouble, facilitating international growth at an accelerated pace.

Talent Acquisition Platforms, Recruitment Marketing, Recruitment Analytics en Referral Recruitment

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