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Fast and Accurate Baggage Scanning by Real-Time Automated Analysis of Safety Officer’s Gaze

JOA Scanning Technology is a company that develops patented solutions that significantly improve the speed and quality of visual inspection of hand baggage as performed by transportation safety officers (TSOs) at airports.


Interested? Please send your application letter, list of grades and CV to before the application deadline. Any questions are also welcome. See you soon!

You will be working on new machine learning methods to further improve the classification (i.e. search/pass) of 2D or 3D X-ray images of hand baggage at airports. The classification model is trained using a large number of images and amount of eye-tracking data.

You will first work on a data set that has already been collected. After you have implemented and tested several classification methods on this data, you will evaluate the best methods in your own experiments. The results will help in our effort to create software that can support transportation safety officers (TSOs) in real-time. Our goal is to integrate such technology in existing X-ray inspection devices world wide.

Your background and our offer

We are looking for students with the following background:

  • Studying a Master’s Degree of Artificial Intelligence or comparable
  • High grades for relevant courses (esp. on machine learning)
  • Ready for final graduation (Master’s) project
  • Preferably no other projects or courses
  • Familiar with experimental data (e.g. eye-tracking or comparable data)
  • Smart, pro-active and team player
  • Fluent in written English
  • OK to work full-time + at least several days a week at our office

We offer a position for at least six months up to one year with good financial compensation and guidance of two machine learning specialists. There is also support to travel to present the results in the international community.

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JOA Scanning Technology develops solutions that significantly improve the speed and quality of the baggage scanning process. Our patent pending methodology uses the expertise and intuition of experienced security agents to reduce the risk of missing critical security violation. To do this, we use advanced machine learning models in combination with eye-tracking data.

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