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Data-driven project AF/KL Benelux – Customer Intelligence

Have you ever wondered how it would be to create a predictive model? Try it yourself as a dual student at KLM, let’s grab a coffee and discuss your career opportunities!

Need: The data-driven journey of Air France KLM Benelux was first led by an experienced Marketing Intelligence Consultant, during this journey opportunities were discovered and translated into relevant actions. In the meantime CI has grown from 1 person to a team of 3 people. We believe that with the help of a dual student (starting from early March 2018), who will be supported by an experienced Customer Intelligence Analyst, we can expand the CI domain in terms of continuance and quality. At the same time we give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the domains Direct Sales, E-Commerce, E-Marketing and Digital Analytics within a rapidly changing organization in the dynamic airline industry.

Job description: We are looking for a Customer Intelligence specialist who would like to create customer and market insights from big data for at least 20 hours a week over a period of at least 12 months (starting from early March 2018). Exact starting date, amount of hours per week and the length of the period can be discussed. The most important goal is to support the Business Owners of Air France KLM Benelux to steer the Benelux market in a client focused manner by performing in-depth analyses and creating predictive models.

Areas of focus:
- Brainstorming about the design of the AFKL analysis strategy in the Benelux market, per distribution channel and client segment;
- Creating target strategies in order to make projects, campaigns and analyses measurable;
- Innovative analyses which will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the online market approach of KLM Benelux;
- Development of state-of-the-art Customer Intelligence expertise;
- Supporting several campaigns, e.g. Five Days of Offers, World Deal Weeks (WDW), Bag Packers, by creating insights, evaluations, reports and segmentations;
- Providing input regarding the Customer Lifetime Value and how to increase profits;
- Developing and implementing useful segmentation strategies for the relevant stakeholders while collaborating closely with these stakeholders.

- Exceptional skills in database modelling, analyses and presentations;
- Accurate and competent way of working;
- Highly motivated and innovative;
- Perfect analytical reasoning;
- Proactive and independent way of working;
- Vision regards to the extension of the Customer Intelligence expertise within Air France KLM Benelux.

Background information

Background: The Direct Sales & Digital Marketing department is part of the Air France-KLM Benelux organization. The department consists of 5 domains: Direct Sales, E-Commerce, E-Marketing, Customer Intelligence and Digital Analytics. Primarily, Customer Intelligence (CI) is responsible for the optimization of the long term customer value. Moreover, CI strives to obtain the highest level of customer knowledge in order to strategically exploit and use this knowledge. Among other things, CI is involved in the following business processes: customer insights, in-depth research, decision support, CRM, innovation and database marketing in general.

In the past Customer Intelligence took on a more operational role. However, this is a missed opportunity in a continuously changing world where technology is leading. The customer requires technology for the sake of efficiency and expects companies to use the technology in order to provide a more relevant and personalized service. At the end of 2014 the Single Client View (SCV) database, containing several data sources, was founded. Thanks to the SCV it is possible to observe the client from different perspectives, track customer behavior over time and hence obtain useful insights regarding the needs of the customer.

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