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IT, Software Engineering and Website Developing projects in Mauritius

Our valued partner has over 15 years’ experience of facilitating students and volunteers all over Mauritius. There are many different IT, Software Engineering and Website/App Developing projects in professional companies all over Mauritius.


Please email us and find your life changing work experience in Africa!

Role of the intern:

Aiming for skills transfer next to leaving behind materials and methods that can be used in terms of sustainability such as a research report.

1. Programming & implementing software at Enterprise Resource Planning Mauritius

2. Software development at production company Mauritius

3. Software Engineering & Java Development Mauritius

4. Mobile Developer & Software Engineering Mauritius

5. Web Development at Cyber company Mauritius

6. Apps Development Mauritius

7. IT operations Support in International Organisation Mauritius

8. Information Technology project Mauritius

9. Software Implementation ERP Systems at IT company Mauritius

10. Associate Software Engineering with SAP ABAP Training Mauritius

Intern requirements

  • Serious and motivated to contribute to the local company/organization

  • Passionate and capable in your field
  • Each project has additional requirements
  • Self funded (travel costs, cost of living, LGA service package)

*Reimbursement/stipend: Usually students get an amount between 150 and 250 euro per month to cover expenses. 

    Hoe jouw week er bij ons gaat uitzien:
  1. 1


    Depends fully on company and position

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    Depends fully on company and position

  3. 3


    Depends fully on company and position

  4. 4


    Depends fully on company and position

  5. 5


    Depends fully on company and position

The facilities

Supervision: at least Bachelor level; on request depending on field.

Workspace for intern: at the company

Let’s Go Africa intern/volunteer packages include:

 Suitable project with project description according to all criteria

 Pre-departure introduction & safety meeting

 Visa application assistance + flight booking and transport advice

 Accommodation arrangements (options and costs described below)

 Airport pick up arrangements (fixed costs will be communicated prior to arrival)

 In-country introduction regarding country, project and your role

 Experienced and qualified supervisor and contact person constantly available

 Arrangement of internship reimbursement per month (amount differs per company)*

 Assistance with University and project placement contracts

 Support and guidance from the moment of registration until return back home

 Country information brochure

 Informal feedback session & LGA certificate (proof of participation)

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Let’s Go Africa is a small scale, personal and innovative mediation agency with a unique placement programme for everyone that wants to experience a meaningful internship, minor or volunteer work in Africa. Noor and Roel van Hout have extensive work and life experience in Africa since 2006 and focus on long term development that is empowered by the people in the communities.

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