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Hi! If you made it here, we must have made a pretty good impression - so thank you! We’re always excited to meet nice, talented people who want to use technology for good. The problems we solve here require a whole range of technical disciplines that we’re constantly on the lookout to fill. But more than that, we just really like meeting interesting, enthusiastic people.

A transparent and flat organisation.

We welcome new ideas and influences when and where ever we can. If you speak up, we promise we will listen. And we mean that. Every year Lifely colleagues democratically elect a council that represents everyone's perspectives, ideas and concerns. The council feeds this back to the Lifely management. However, striving to run a flat and transparent organisation requires an ability for everyone to think in solutions, not in problems. This also extends further than your Lifely colleagues. As a team we listen to our clients, and we don’t shy away from challenging stakeholders.

We welcome you to shape Lifely.

At Lifely you need to be comfortable taking responsibility to expand your knowledge of your expertise and to reflect on how your role in a team could improve. You should be someone who can muster the courage to introduce new ideas and processes. We vow to never bring anyone at Lifely down for trying, especially if you fail.

Product people to the bone.

We’re founded and run by people who live to create. Whether that is in our hobbies as home barista’s, documentary makers, EDM producers or knitting experts. Not to forget as professionals jointly bearing the responsibility to create great products. Because we believe great code or great designs by itself are empty. It’s the sum of its parts that makes a product great. And you need to be able to take charge in seeing a project through, even if that means stepping outside your designated role.

We embrace change.

Our ambition is to be a prototype company for how business could be conducted. This means embracing politically loaded topics in equality or global warming and challenging our own business model. We’re consciously working towards a B-corp certification. In 2021 we will introduce a fully transparent financial compensation model including transparency around profit sharing in cash and equity for all levels at Lifely.
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