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How AI can positively impact the job of the average Joe & Jane

Hi future friend, We have an exciting project for an ambitious university graduation intern. Our research question, what does AI mean for the job of the average Joe and Jane? And secondary, what does this mean for Lifely?


We have a standing tradition of interns becoming full-time employees after graduation. I'm excited to explore this path with you during your internship.

Let’s quickly get some back story to our research question:

We’re Lifely, a research-led design and technology agency. Together, we’re roughly 25 happy nerds who create long lasting SAAS and RPA applications for clients. We strive for a product-first mindset, meaning we believe in the spirit of collaboration between our different expertises. We design for a great development experience and we develop for a great user experience. This also means we take on projects we believe in, solving interesting problems for good.

As a company we need to face that ‘just building’ great CRUD applications is no longer enough. We face a time where RPA will extend further and further into the everyday operations of a business. A big reason for this growing trend is the reality that AI is becoming more accessible for ‘normal’ companies. Only a couple of years ago training a model to make decisions or interpret big chunks of data was a tedious and costly task. Nowadays however, there seems to be an endless list of pre-trained models and AI (as service providers) that we could and should incorporate into our product development process.

So, where do we begin? Because we not only face the challenge of incorporating these new technologies and packages to our development stack, we also need to educate our design and research team to adopt an AI-first mindset. This where we need your help to deliver on the following two objectives:

  • Primary research objective: Gain a deep insight into the world of cost-efficient AI packages, pre-trained models and AI as a service provider in the NLP, big data interpretation/prediction and RPA space. This should result in a ‘list’ of technologies that areA. applicable for the type of clients (mid-size companies based in the Netherlands and smaller internationals) we work for andB. select the most proven and promising technologies we should incorporate into our product development stack and process.

  • Secondary research objective: Gain insights into the field of Human-AI interaction design. How do we design for trust when you no longer communicate with a human on the other side? How do we help our design team adopt an AI-first approach to requirements engineering, concept development and product design? The goal is to come up with a ‘list’ of curated articles, books, product demos and UI kits designed specifically for interaction with AI. Our team will use your research to develop an internal course on how to design for Human AI interaction.

During your research process you will work closely with a team consisting of our lead engineer, senior researcher and founders. We will support you in your project as closely as we can. We will help you connect to our network and find the right people to interview and talk to.

What do we offer.

  • Besides working 3-4 days from home you are encouraged to work from our new Lifely studio on the Prinsengracht 197D. It’s a space that’s fit for working, hosting and chilling in a post-normal COVID world. It’s as much about workshopping with colleagues and clients as it is about hosting team parties and super smash tourneys.

  • We offer a 750,- euro a month fee for interns of the master level. We also have a standing tradition of interns becoming full-time employees after graduation. We’re excited to explore this path with you during your internship.

  • We offer flexible hours and understand you will sometimes have to go to the dentist during work hours. Stuff like that. We trust our team to make up for lost hours using their own initiative. We are also hard believers in working the hours that are in your contract and respect that free time is a right not a privilege.

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Hi! If you made it here, we must have made a pretty good impression - so thank you! We’re always excited to meet nice, talented people who want to use technology for good. The problems we solve here require a whole range of technical disciplines that we’re constantly on the lookout to fill. But more than that, we just really like meeting interesting, enthusiastic people.

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