Geplaatst op 31 juli 2020

Data Analyst

Looking to inject some real-world complexity into your data analysis project portfolio? As Data Analyst at Lone Rooftop, you'll be working with Tableau to extract insights from customer data, and impact the sustainable use of smart buildings.


We're a young look forward to having you on board!

You will work closely together with the Implementation and Customer Success team and the Product team, consisting of Designers, Frontend and Backend Developers.

  • Translate customer requirements, business cases and use cases into actionable reports based on the customer's building utilization data

  • Send regular custom reports to customers

  • Dig into all customer’s data to proactively extract insights, prepare reports to share them

  • Support the product team in producing visuals for our dashboard products inspired by the reports you generate

  • Participate in testing new product features before launch

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    You join a customer visit in Den Haag with an Implementation Consultant to really understand the customer's use cases. Back in the office (or at home), you will start digging into the data to see if the assumptions you just learned about can be validated.

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    You finalize the work you started yesterday, sync with the Customer Success Lead and create a custom report and send it to the customer. We all meet for an "All-hands" Team lunch with an inspirational presentation at the office. Quickly get a game of Foosball in with the team before you dig into another customer's data.

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    Later on you will join a backlog refinement session with the Product team in preparation for a new sprint starting next week. Your role is to have some customer data samples prepared relevant for the features they are working on so they can discuss the technical implications.

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    Test new product features with data from several customers to validate that the feature delivers good data. You notice some issues with one metric and when you discuss with the PM and FE lead they confirm it's a bug so you write up your findings in an issue so it can be picked up before it will be launched.

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    You help the team answer questions from a user of the dashboard asking how to apply the Lone Rooftop dashboard metrics for their internal reporting. You join the retrospective with the Product team to learn what this Scrum ceremony is all about. You end the week with Friday Team drinks at a rooftop bar near the office.

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Lone Rooftop helps Corporate customers to use their office buildings more efficiently and reduce waste in resources (food, electricity, heating) - all with the help of data on how the buildings are used. In times of COVID-19, we help our customers monitor that offices are safe, which areas are too busy and how to keep the office hygienic.

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