Nederlands Studiecentrum Criminaliteit en Rechtshandhaving

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NSCR is one of the world-leading criminological institutes where innovative research on crime is conducted. Our cybercluster consists of a diverse group of researchers studying topics like online criminal networks, illicit trade on cryptomarkets, and the impact of cybercrime on victims.

NSCR is one of the independent scientific research institutes of NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). At NSCR, we study crime and criminal behavior, and critically assess different legal systems. The cybercluster is dedicated to the study of cybercrime and deploys both traditional and innovative research methods, such as web scraping, geotagging, use of the Tor network, and honeypot systems.

Our work has proven to be of great value to the police, governments, and other organisations combating crime. We also regularly contribute to public debates on criminal events and crime policies.

NSCR offers a multidisciplinary work environment where social scientists collaborate with information scientists, mathematicians, economists, and so on. We have several students conducting their internship here throughout the year.
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    1081 HV Amsterdam

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