Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN)

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The Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN), founded in 2014, collects and shares a wide variety of relevant information on its website ( with the ultimate goal to unite the community of research integrity and to facilitate collaboration, exchange and mutual learning. NRIN organizes public events to share best practices and to discuss new ideas for researchers and educators in the field of research integrity and closed meetings for confidential counsellors and chairs of standing committees for research integrity.

This project aims to elaborate on and to augment the NRIN initiative, by performing a more exhaustive and systematic inventory and assessment of the current and planned initiatives to foster RRPs in the Netherlands. The project goes beyond the scope of just sharing knowledge: it activates policy makers, administrators, teachers, researchers, supervisors, editors, and other stakeholders to contribute and reflect on their own practices. Consequently, we expect to inspire and enable all stakeholders in scientific research to facilitate measures locally that foster RRPs.
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