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Hue system state visualization

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Your Challenge

Philips Lighting has introduced the Hue system offering personal wireless lighting to the consumer. The system consists of light bulbs and luminaires, the Tap switch, the dimmer switch, the motion sensor, a bridge, smartphone apps and a portal. Connection between lights, switch, sensor and bridge is using the Zigbee protocol. The bridge and the smartphone app connect to the home network to reach the lights and the portal.

The bridge keeps track of the state of the devices, and links commands from the user (whether via app or switch or sensor) to control the lights. Functions for the user (so called "use cases") are implemented in the rule engine, which maps such commands to actions.

For example, in a large open office space, many lights are present, several motion sensors are mounted, as the wish is to switch on (only) the lights in the area where the users are working (and possibly some background level in the adjacent area) - since this will save energy. Additionally, the light from outside can be measured, and reduce the light output of the office light if sufficient light from outside enters the work area - for a further reduction of the energy used by the office lighting.

In such a system, the sensors will send commands independently to the bridge, and the bridge needs to combine all that information to control the lights appropriately.

While we are developing the 'intelligence' in the bridge to properly combine all this information, it is not easy to keep track of all the sensor data since this is currently not visualized in an intuitive manner.

Also, it is not easy to keep track of the amount of messages in the wireless network (which obviously needs to remain below the capacity of the network, in all cases - so this needs to be robust even in the situation where the behavior of users delivers the maximum amount of messages).

Therefore, we are in need of tooling to visualize the network traffic generated by the sensors, and the performance of the use cases. This tooling can then be used to tune various parameters of the sensors, with the target to keep the network traffic within bounds while keeping the use case operational.

Your Responsibilities

Create tooling to

  • Visualize network load: log how much traffic each sensor creates by itself, and for all the sensors together. Since this is done in a real office environment, also the long-term logging and visualization over the course of a work day and work week needs to be implemented, so the variation in the traffic can become apparent.
  • Show the behavior of the total use case, e.g. how much energy is saved (since lights are only on when users are present), and how much is saved additionally when the light coming in through the windows is used to reduce the office lighting.
  • Adapt some network parameters (e.g. how often a sensor reports its state to the bridge) and deduce the influence on (a) the network traffic and (b) the behavior of the use case as a function of these network parameters. Not only the energy savings but also the experience for the users in the office needs to be addressed.

    Context: a hue bridge, and several sensors in a real office environment, PC to monitor the events through the bridge. Setup in a real office environment to have realistic data.

Your Team

This assignment will be carried out at Philips Lighting, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands and will be a full-time assignment for a 6-month period. The above assignment can be tuned to the interests of the student and available time period.

To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience:

• Master’s student in a Computer Science/Information Security program or related program and preferably in the last year of studies;• Have good knowledge of English both written and verbal, excellent communication skills;• Software development experience;• Independent and research oriented, communicative, and creative.

Why should you join Philips?

Working at Philips is more than a job. It’s a calling to create a healthier society through meaningful work, focused on improving 3 billion lives a year by delivering innovative solutions across the health continuum. Our people experience a variety of unexpected moments when their lives and careers come together in meaningful ways. 

To find out more about what it’s like working for Philips at a personal level, visit our career website, where you can read stories from our employee blog. 

NotesRequired documents in order for us to continue with your application:

• Resume• Cover Letter outlining your motivation and informing your availability

Please note that in order to be considered for an internship, it should be compulsory (for students outside EU/EER) by your education and you need to be registered as a student during the entire internship period. Formal documentation of which may be requested at any time.

Please note that the contents of our regular internship assignments are not suitable for professionals (and/or MBA students) with professional work experience.

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