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Storyline retrieval for audiovisual content

At summy, we make AI-driven video summarizations, retelling the story in less time, without losing the magic. We research to build new methods analyzing video content, placing us at the forefront of applying AI in the entertainment industry.


Hi there! Cool that you are interested in this internship. If you still have questions after reading this vacancy or want to apply, please contact me so I can set up a call to help you. Hopefully I will see you soon! Greetings, Timo

We are searching for an intern that wants to help us retrieve the storyline from a video, to improve our summaries. How can we determine the story structure? Can we align story events with shots in the video? Can we match different kinds of data to bring the needed information? We already did some prework regarding research, and the summy backend will supply you with data. 

For a good match, we think the following is important to know:

Skills we think that will be handy for this internship:

  • Familiar with Python
  • Enthusiastic about applying AI at video content
  • Creative at combining research and your experiments

Possible topics you are likely to encounter:

  • Computer Vision
  • NLP
  • Get some basic knowledge about stories

We offer:

  • A nice office with a lot of light and plants nearby Artis in Amsterdam
  • Help if necessary, we got a lot of experience providing internships
  • Hardware to train your models on
  • Free lunch and fun Friday afternoons
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  • Start stageperiode

    februari 2021

  • Vergoeding

    € 350 p/m

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At summy, we create AI-driven video summarizations, retelling the story in less time, without losing the magic.

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