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Assistant Data scientist

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies Transforming global challenges of today into solutions for tomorrow


I love discussing what we are doing, why we are doing, why what we are doing is relevant, and why we should care whether its relevant in the first place. Then well do it all again to the client.

The HCSS internship offers an excellent springboard for future careers in a wide range of fields, interns are involved as full-fledged team members in research-projects. Data activities can range from conducting background research, data collection and analysis, co-writing reports and papers, dashboarding, data visualization, and artificial intelligence applications. This way, interns gain valuable work experience in a professional environment, which helps them in their future development and careers in both the public and private sector. Also, the HCSS internship offers the opportunity to build and expand your professional network.


  • Coding skills, specifically in R, Python or Java
  • Strong data literacy skills
  • Prior experience with dashboarding and/or visualization is considered a plus
  • The ability to look beyond the data and understand the underlying trends
  • A strong basis of analytical, writing and synthesizing skills
  • Ability to think creatively and out-of-the-box

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  1. 1


    Meeting with client to find ways of forecasting risk of political violence globally

  2. 2


    Data demonstration to 3 star General on dashboard and answering questions from panel on the various underlying data methods and sources

  3. 3


    Full day of coding, how can we apply machine learning methods to measure the economic cost of the US-China Trade war?

  4. 4


    Translating insights from prior data analysis into a slick dashboard that does cool things and shows pretty visuals

  5. 5


    Extensive debate within the data lab on whether you can measure global interactions by creating a network where nodes are countries and edges are springs.

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    november 2019

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    € 520 p/m

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