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WT interactive originates from WhiteTable, our first unique solution for interactive presentations. It embodies our identity and vision.

Nowadays, we have proven to be experts in translating any story (no matter how complex) into exciting & interactive concepts. These concepts result in real life presentations within retail, hospitality and services.

We create amazing content, develop new ideas for presentations, use state of the art technology and can implement these on any scale required.

Consumers are over-stimulated and have a short attention span. They do not participate with screens full of boring content. Consumers are looking for clear, exciting and relevant information. They also expect to be in charge of the delivery of these communications.

Our work triggers consumers to interact with our clients and their products. They become participants in a brand or company story and are not mere spectators. We profoundly change the way people interact with stores, brands and services. For this purpose we make use of the latest technology available.

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    Krijn Taconiskade 338

    1087 HW Amsterdam

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